UP designed for roller shutters

It’s called UP, the innovative mosquito screen manufactured by MEDAL exclusively for those who have windows fitted with roller shutters. An intelligent idea that allows anyone, at a reasonable expense, to protect themselves from insects both day and night in and efficient, elegant and totally non-invasive way.

In just a few minutes UP fits together perfectly with your roller shutters, moving up and down with them, following their movement inside the guides and adapting itself to your light conditions. In summer, during the day you can keep the window open with the roller shutter fully raised but still stop the insects from entering. At night lower the roller shutter, leave it slightly open, but still protect yourself from the mosquitoes.

UP moves up and down with the roller shutter. Perfectly integrated, in terms of appearance too. The sturdy but compact aluminium box, an elegant pleated nylon mesh that extends fully when opened or that closes back down to nothing, retracted and hidden in the aluminium box.

UP is the new mosquito screen for roller shutters from MEDAL, Italy’s leading manufacturer of mosquito screens.