There was no such thing before, but now it’s here

UP, the only mosquito screen for roller shutters with an aluminium box and pleated mesh.

Yet another innovative product from MEDAL: UP, the first mosquito screen designed and constructed exclusively to be integrated into window roller shutters.

A modest cost for a top-quality product featuring Italian craftsmanship. A perfect mix of design and practicality, with assembly that’s quick, simple and intuitive. These are the most obvious qualities of this mosquito screen that solves the problem of protection from insects in an intelligent and economical way.

UP has one of the smallest aluminium boxes ever seen, so it can adapt any type of frame, an attractive pleated mesh and a winding mechanism that follows the movement of the roller shutter. It can be fitted in just a few minutes even without the use of a drill or any special tools.

Once fitted to the roller shutter, it moves up and down with it, winding up and unwinding in its mini box and you can just forget about it because it becomes an integral part of the roller shutter. But if you need to lean out, it hooks and unhooks.

UP is an innovative mosquito screen invented by MEDAL, Italy’s no.1 manufacturer of mosquito screens with a large number of patented and still unequalled products.